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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A different kind of farm

These past two quarters, I have had the pleasure of photographing two unique farms of southeast, Ohio.  Here are a few selects from their stories.

First, Phoenix Hill Farm, in Athens, Ohio has a well established herd of Alpacas.  Marilyn Wentworth and her husband Bruce Wentworth have owned Phoenix Hill Farm for 30 years.  12 years ago Marilyn realized she wanted to make her farm profitable by investing in Alpacas.  Instead of being considered pasture pets, alpacas are harvest animals.  Every spring she sheers the coat of her alpacas and turns that into yarn for people to make all sorts of creations.

Second, Windy Hills Farm, in Amesvilles, Ohio, is a nationally known horse farm who are experts in natural horsemanship.  The owners, Jackie Fokes and Gerry Hilferty, have studied the well known Parelli natural horsemanship technique and help humans and horses have a stronger bond.  The Windy Hills Farm itself has a very long, rich history.  The property was originally purchased in 1817 and was an astounding 500 acres total.  They housed dairy and sheep herds, goats, horses, and cornfields.  Today the farm sits on 150 acres are focuses on equines and welcome any and all equine enthusiasts.


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