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Friday, April 1, 2011

Guerrilla Lighting Project

Marc Mixon, third year graduate student and coordinator of the Guerrilla Lighting Project, watching his generator with assistants Corrine and Mary.

When I first heard about OU's Guerrilla light designer/technician I was impressed by the idea and wanted to check it out.  When I got to the site I was surprised to find that there was more then just shining pretty lights on pretty buildings.  This was a production (seriously, it had a production manager and everything.  That means it's legit).  Big stage lights followed by trails of wires, cords, and connection cables filled the sidewalks.  Marc Mixon, a third year graduate student in lighting design pays great attention to how many lights he can shine before exploding his large generator.  While watching Mixons' team set up I over heard comments about dancers.  That made me extra curious about what exactly this project was.  I thought the lights were amazing alone!  Soon enough, dancers from OU's School of Theater and Dance department come dressed in elaborate costumes and showed off their dance moves ranging from the Waltz, to hip-hop.  All in all this was one spontaneous event I was glad I didn't miss.

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