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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cult Madness

I consider myself lucky, and I am so thankful to have close friends who are Theater majors here at Ohio University.  Since leaving grade school I had nightmares of theater never being active in my life again, but as I started meeting people theater seemed to be a common theme among the people whom I was hanging out with.  Since I am not a theater major I can not technically be "apart" of productions here at the University, but I can enjoy them and get in on some theater activities that are not as popular as others, but can be so much more artistically satisfying such as this. 

This is Madness.  A required course for all MFA playwrights.  This is different from your traditional graduate level class.  Every Monday the playwrights are given a prompt, whether that be 'prison' or 'terrible', and the writers are required to write a short play (5 to 10 minutes) using that theme.  By Friday night, these plays are strung together and performed for an audience ranging from aspiring playwrights, student actors, madness professors, and wanna-be theater nerds like me.

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